Santa Anita Book Review on Amazon

While monitoring some on-line activity I came across this Amazon review of my Santa Anita book which I really appreciated.  Even though it was a small press run, I still have some copies of the book available for sale.


Laura Rose of Equine Images Magazine wrote: "In his book Santa Anita, photographer William Karl Valentine captures the pulse of this California racetrack with his camera, The images, chosen from four years' worth of photographs, include everything your eye may pick up during a day at the track - from a classic stretch drive to a refreshing horse bath, from a grandstand littered with people and paper to a lost child in the safe grip of a track security officer." "But the photographs of the people of the track tell just as much of the story, and Valentine has captured them not as snapshot figures, but as's evident that notonly does Valentine know the track, it knows him."

Mark Ratzky of the Daily Racing Form wrote: ""Santa Anita" is a must-see for any fan of this racetrack. The book contains 80 black and white pictures of just about every aspect of an afternoon at the foot of the beautiful San Gabriels, and really manages to capture a day at the races."

Bill Jay - History of Photography Professor at Arizona State University wrote: "...Muybridge was the pioneer: Valentine the progenitor. It is fanciful (but fun)to speculate on Muybridge's reaction to these images made over 100 years later...Muybridge would probably be jealous" -- Publisher Comments