"The Mind and the Hand" by Lee Friedlander

I recently stumbled across Lee Friedlander’s new book “The Mind and the Hand” completely by accident.  I did a search on Amazon looking for new Garry Winogrand material and this book came up.  The book looked interesting so I took a shot and ordered; $90 isn’t cheap but I always enjoy seeing Friedlander’s work.  “The Mind and the Hand” definitely exceeded my expectations

The book is actually six 60 page softbound books in a slip case.  Each book has between 25 and 34 of Friedlander’s photographs and documents a photography icon: William Eggleston, John Szarkowski, Richard Benson, William Christenberry, Walker Evans, and Garry Winogrand.  Each book also has a brief lecture excerpt by the featured photographer which adds the right amount of information to deepen the viewers understanding of the individual.

I was familiar with a few of the photographs but not most.  I would also say most of the images are snapshots.  But these are wonderful snapshots and, in this context, they form a fantastic document of each featured photographer.  These people were Friedlander’s friends and peers and many of the moments he photographed were very personal like Winogrand’s wedding.  I love the images of these photographers out photographing.  As a photographer I am always interested in how other photographers approach the medium and Friedlander’s photographs give a wonderful insight to six icons of photography.

The book was released in April by Eakins Press Foundation and was printed by Meridian Printing in East Greenwich, Rhode Island.  The print quality is beautiful and I really like the intimate size of the book of 8.8” square.  I think Katey Homans did a perfect job with the design and I am assuming that Lee Friedlander’s Archivist, Stephanie Prussin, edited the images.  I am very happy with this purchase and would suggest it to anyone interested in documentary photography.

Featured Photographers

William Eggleston

John Szarkowski

Richard Benson

William Christenberry

Walker Evans

Garry Winogrand


Book Details: 

·        Paperback: 240 pages

·        Publisher: Eakins Press Foundation (April 23, 2019)

·        Language: English

·        ISBN-10: 0871300796

·        ISBN-13: 978-0871300799

·        Product Dimensions: 8.8 x 1.2 x 8.8 inches

Printer: Meridian Printing – East Greenwich, Rhode Island

Lee Friedlander Archivist: Stephanie Prussin

Design & Typography: Katey Homans